Music Jams - Additional Resources

This section contains miscellaneous resources that you might find helpful on your musical journey.

Chord Diagrams

Basic Guitar Chords A printable document with basic guitar chords. 92 KB
Basic Ukulele Chords A printable document with basic ukulele chords. 151 KB

Web Sites

Ultimate Guitar - Tabs and chords for nearly one million songs. The site is free with limited functionality. You can subscribe to the Pro version to unlock all the site functionality such as song transpositions for a reasonable annual fee. They run occasional discounts on their paid memberships.

 How to REALLY Play barre chords - Here is one way to ease your way into playing barre chords for guitar. And... barre chords for ukulele!

Great learning materials, including additional musical scale charts


AARP - Benefits of Learning Music AARP article on learning music later in life

“We now have a number of studies suggesting that engaging in music late in life is not only good for your brain but good for your social and emotional well-being,” says Johnson, who was among the experts who wrote the report.
55.3 KB